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Reed Diffuser - Warm Amber


 Warm Amber

An elegant and luxurious fragrance which begins with spicy cinnamon notes, then leads to sweet hearts of flowers, over warm, ambery and woody notes

Milagre Reed Diffusers

Milagre reed diffusers are created to complete your ambiance with fragrance and color. Collaborated with resin artists, Milagre visualizes reflections for each one of its fragrances, capturing their colors and stories. This fluid art reflects the spirit and heart of the fragrance at its best. While our fragrances dance in the air, the colors decorate your space with style. Each one of our unique lids, turns into a decorative, collectible, reusable, and multi-purpose art object while keeping the reed diffuser dust-free in style. Up-cycle the lid and glass into a collectible after the last drop. 

150 ml reed diffuser allows you to enjoy fragrance fully for 30-35 days. 

Our products are never tested on animals.

    Fragrance Family

    Warm & Spiced

    Dimensions & Fill

    86 mm x 90.5mm

    3.39" D x 3.56" H

    150 ml

    How to Use

    - Remove the metal screw cap and plastic plug from refill bottle and pour the perfume into the glass.
    - Avoid doing this over wooden or delicate surfaces because the oil may leave stains.
    - Put the lid on the glass and insert the reed diffuser sticks into the perfume.
    - Allow them to absorb some of the fragrance and flip them to begin the release of the beautiful scented home fragrance. The number of reeds you add determines how light or strong the scent is. For the best fragrance release, carefully rotate reeds several times a week.
    - For best results, we recommend switching out your diffuser reeds every 2 months.